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Как положить лист золочение?

» Наш блог » How to put leaf gilding?

Как положить лист золочение?

October 14, 2017

Как положить лист золочение?

[Question] To make murals needs to put leaf gilding, only painted murals by gold paint before but never put leaf gilding, does put leaf gilding complicated? What shall be paid attention to? Does it need to draw grids before putting leaf gilding? If putting on the canvas,will it be destroyed if rolling?

[Question analysis] Above question is one of usual question to distrub leaf gilding craft friend, also it makes many people to spend huge cost but still can’t find the door entrance, because gold foil is very thin and light and not easy to be adhesive, if the master is not experienced on putting gold foil, mouth blow breath so blowing the gold foil or hand is shaking, then gold foil is broken, furthermore, if glue dried, then can’t put again, wet and torn.

[Question discussion] What we will discuss here is real 24K gold foil but not copper imitation gold foil, it is ancestor real gold putting leaf gilding craft, it is not the modern people with gold foil water process.

[Application scope] Gold foil budda, ceiling gold foil, gold foil picture, background wall gold foil, furniture gold foil etc.

[Experiences communication]

Traditional authentic gilding craft is divided into five steps in general, it is: decoration surface cleaning—-spray gold foil glueblot lacquer liquidleaf gliding processprotective paint.

1. decorative surface cleaning: To decorate the gold foil surface treatment is smooth, no dust and dirt.

2. Spray gold foil adhesive: On the surface to be gilding painted the raw lacquer thinner

Raw lacquer is picked from the sumac which is pure natural, furthermore, raw lacquer is vigorous powerful, combined with gold foil in integrated, which reflects gold foil’s beauty. The food utensil from Han dynasty come up was made by raw lacquer, nowadays Japan still keep such excellent craft well, if you go to Japan, you will find that most of their food table utensils were made raw paint. However, what most of modern gliding craft use is gold foil glue, i.e. A kind of macromolecule organic chemicals. Glue is chemical synthesis, its durability is poor and time is a bit long(1~2years), gold foil might wrinkle and peel off, what’s more, chemical synthesis there may be a potential harm to human body, so the author particularly recommended to use raw lacquer gold, this is our fine tradition of craft, raw lacquer fully embodies the wisdom of the ancestors, so it is also named national paint.

3. Blot lacquer liquid: To absorp the paint liquid on the surface with the finest raw paper or feather edge paper.

Put the raw xuan on the surface of painted liquid or glue, in the meanwhile, flap it with wrapping pure cotton cloth(texture is soft) , then peel off the paper with tweezers, make good contact with xuan paper surface, and then peel off xuan paper with tweezers, use a new xuan paper to absorp again, such action do it repeatedly 3~4 times.

4. Leaf gilding process: When the stick on the surface of liquid glue or paint is only a thin of suction can start gilding

The gold foil with deckle-edged use tweezers to pick up, put one side of gold foil put on the object surface very softly, then blowing it with mouth softly so to make the gold foil flat, such put one by one, better there are two persons when putting leaf gilding, one is put, another person flap the ready gold foil with soft texture pure cotton cloth repeatedly, the gold foil will be very dociled on the object, specially the sunken place needs to be paid much attention and needs to flap with cotton cloth or cotton shape cloth and be brushed back and forth softly.

5.Protective paint: After all dry on the surface can be put a layer of mingyou.

If it is glue stuck on the surface of the protective glue, also have seen in the surface coating (spray) of transparent paint. Authentic process with raw lacquer gilding and MingYou finally, this process has been proved that at least 1000 years, refer to the imperial palace royal YuYuan, it is still glittering until nowadays, shine the same as before, this is the ancestor of authentic craft method.

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