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Stained glass mosaic specialty

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Stained glass mosaic specialty

December 23, 2016

Tiffany glass mosaics also names stained glass mosaic, its specialty is on the colorful colors and textures, it has more than thousands of colors for making mosaic tile, each stained glass sheet is not identical, the sheet stained glass uses in the mosaic murals performs a fantastic color and art, which reflects stained glass mosaic’s unique and special character, we can not only use stained glass sheet’s colorful character, but also its texture, when using irridescent stained glass to make mosaic, the mosaic surface effect looks like the gold light from the ocean, so attracting! Furthermore, we also can use light or off light to get the different amazing effect from the tiffany mosaic tile, whatever strips or square or round or curved shape, we can cut it randomly easily.

Stained glass mosaic color will not be faded forever, it is one kind of proper building material for building outside or inside decoration.



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