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Histroy мозаики

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Histroy мозаики

October 20, 2017

When talking about mosaic, we believe everybody is not strange with it, many families used mosaic on the wall and ground in the eighties. Up to nowadays, mosaic tiles come again and became fashion darling with its colorful shapes and designs in the decoration building material,Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative arts, it use small ceramic tile or small pottery to create the pattern.

In the modern age, mosaic mostly belong to one kind of ceramic tile, normally it is combined to a big tile with mixing dozens of small tiles, mosaic with its small and exquisite and multicoloured has been widely used on the wall, background, floor and so on, mosaic can be made to puzzle and produce the effect of gradient because of its small specialty.

Mosaic originated from ancient Greece, the early Greece marble stone mosaic was matched with black and white coloronly the authoritative governor or rich people could afford for hiring craftsman and buying the mosaic materials to create such luxurious art, when it came to late of Greece mosaic, the artists started to need smallest gallet to cut small stones and assemble them to a mosaic picture in order to more diversification rich their works.

When in Roman age, mosaic has been developed very widely, common house and public floor and wall have been decorated mosaic, which made Roman looked so rich, in the meanwhile, ancient Roman’s building luxury reached to unbelieveable situation. Mosaic gold era was originated from Christian coming, they were suffered persecution and only can stayed at the underground passage to meet, because most of populace was illiteracy, the wall of underground had glass mosaic mural with the story of description of Christian, teh Great Constantine was the Roman king who made the christian legal, Constantinople church was decorated by a number of mosaic and more and more colors were used, gold foil was used through firing it to the glass too, Sisily mosaic specialty was bottom gold.


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