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¿Cuál es la hoja de oro? Es verdadero oro lámina de oro?

» Nuestro blog » What is gold foil? Es verdadero oro lámina de oro?

¿Cuál es la hoja de oro? Es verdadero oro lámina de oro?

October 14, 2017

¿Cuál es la hoja de oro? Es verdadero oro lámina de oro? Sinlong answers the questions for you as followings:The foil on the market is seperated into three category, i.e.: real gold foil, high imitation gold foil, imitation gold foil.

I. Real gold foil

Real gold foil, i.e.: real pure gold foil, real gold foil is one kind of real gold product, which make it to become thinnest slice by hammering. Gold has good soft extension, when making gold foil, put the gold in the middle of the sharply paper and hammer it repeatedly, the gold foil thickness can be reduced to 120 nano, equal to the diameter of the dozens of gold atoms. One gram gold can be made 0.5 sqaure metre real gold foil, real gold foil color has gold and platinum and 24K and 18K per purity. Gold foil is used in decoration like sculpture, picture and jewelry, real gold foil also has edible function, for instance: gold foil wine etc., certainly, use for real gold foil mosaic too.

II. High imitation gold foil

High imitation gold foil is sinlong mosaic’s main product, high imitation gold foil’s material is pure silver foil, contains 99.99% silver, silver has acid-alkali resistance and unactivitity property. The gold foil mosaic example is as below:




For more details, pls check sinlong official website:

III. Imitation gold foil

Imitation gold foil normally is 14x14cm copper, i.e. use copper to imitate gold. Copper’s specialty is on easy oxide and change color and can’t endure alkali, so copper made into foil is easy to come off color, normally use in sticking furniture, home ceiling, budda etc., also use in mosaic, however, such kind of gold foil usage is limited because of its copper’s chemical property.



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